Nonye U. Ugorji

Nonye U. Ugorji graduated from Law School in 1995 and became licensed to practice law in June 1995. An alumnus of the University of Nigeria and The Nigerian Law School, Nonye holds a Bachelor of Laws degree LLB (Honors) from The University of Nigeria and a Barrister of Laws BL (Honors) degree from The Nigerian Law School.

Before starting her private practice, Nonye had enjoyed a rewarding career both overseas and in the United States working with both small and large Law Firms, The Oil and Gas sector, Banking, Government Relations, Insurance, and Real Estate. Amongst several organizations she left her positive imprints on was one of the nation’s largest tax law firms as well as one of the foremost Bankruptcy Trustee’s offices in the Eastern District of California. While working under the Bankruptcy Trustee’s office, Nonye singularly handled well over 400 bankruptcy case files and attended to over 1,500 law and motion matters.

Nonye migrated to the United States in 1999 and had to face the daunting challenge of raising children while pursuing her dream of continuing her Law practice in the United States. As may be imagined, this was not easy and Nonye decided to devote her initial years in the United States making a family and working as support staff.

In 2006, after three beautiful children and a wealth of experience garnered working in several Law firms as a support staff coupled with much resilience and a commitment to overcome every barrier that could limit her ability to do what she loves most (helping people and serving her community), Nonye was able to sit and pass the California Bar examination and became licensed to practice Law not only overseas but in the Golden State of California as well.

Nonye decided to open her law practice with a focus on providing personable legal services to her clients.

Nonye is admitted to practice before the Superior Court of California, Federal District Court for the Eastern District of California, Federal District Court for the Northern District of California, United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, and the Supreme Court of Nigeria. Nonye is a member of the Sacramento County Bar association, The Sacramento Valley Bankruptcy Forum, and the Nigerian Bar Association.

She is happily married with three wonderful children.