We handle all aspects of Support, Custody, Divorce, and anything that can arise after it has been finalized.

As family law attorneys, we handle all aspects of divorce and family law throughout the greater Sacramento area including Sacramento County, Yolo County, and Placer County. We also handle problems that can arise after a divorce has been finalized. These matters can include support arrears, modifications to family court orders, and relocations.


Divorce is the one area of family law where nearly everyone needs an attorney. Circumstances may make you feel like you have little choice but to obtain a divorce to change your life or the life of your children for the better. Consultation with a Sacramento divorce lawyer can help you decide whether or not divorce is the best decision for your family.


Your children are always our priority! At the Nonye Ugorji Law Corporation, we work with you to ensure they are protected and their needs remain at the forefront of your child custody case.


At the Nonye Ugorji Law Corporation, we help minimize the emotion and worry many parents have about agreements and orders for child support. We know that child support levels affect the finances of both parties. Your child’s best interests are always the focus of child support determinations.


The goal of our marital dissolution lawyers is to focus on the key issues to be resolved, keep personalities out of the process, and assist our clients in not allowing the divorce to seem overwhelming. When tensions are running high, and often unfortunate consequence of a divorce, our goal is to bring objective skills to the task of appropriately deciding who gets what per the law, while remaining sensitive to the impact these decisions have on our client.


Prenuptial agreements (often referred to as “prenup” agreements) are becoming more commonplace in California. They offer couples who are getting married the security of an agreement on topics such as child custody, spousal support, and property distribution in the case of divorce or the death of one spouse.


For some couples, filing for legal separation instead of divorce is the preferred option. Legal separation, unlike a divorce, does not end the marriage. Instead, it allows a husband and wife to legally separate and settle certain matters, such as spousal support, child custody, child visitation, child support, and division of property.


A spousal support award is not mandatory in California dissolution or legal separation actions. The courts have the discretion to deny spousal support or to limit it in amount and duration based on the ability of both parties to provide for their own financial needs. Spousal support, when not determined by agreement between the parties, is based on the established financial need on one side and the ability to provide support on the other. The length of the marriage is one of the primary factors in determining whether and for how long support will be awarded.


After a divorce agreement has been signed, it is sometimes necessary to make changes. Unfortunately, ex-spouses are seldom amenable to modifications. If you need child support or child custody modification, or another change to your divorce decree, you need a strong, experienced family law attorney. Child support and custody orders can be modified to meet changing needs in the parents’ or child’s life. Either parent can petition the court for a modification.


We offer a wide range of legal services related to family law: Parental Relocation, Marital and Partnership Dissolution, Divorce, Legal Separation, Annulments, Nonpartnership Separations, Custody, Visitation, Parentage and Paternity (that is private actions to establish parent-child relationships), Adoptions, Child Support, Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) Action, Alimony and Spousal Support, Property Division, Marital Settlement Agreements, Retirement and Pension Rights, Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO), Public Employees Retirement System (PERS), State Teachers Retirement System (STRS), County Retirements such as SCERS, Union Retirements, Allegations of Child Neglect and Abuse, Domestic Partnership Law, Name Change Petitions, Domestic Violence Restraining Orders, and Harassment Injunctions, Modification of Orders, Enforcement of Orders, Grandparents’ Rights, Care Giver Affidavits, Parental Rights and Duties or Obligations, Suspended Licenses, and Tax Intercept Program.

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