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  1. Hi Lisa

    I was listening to your radio show last night I heard you ask for recommendations for a good attorney.

    I had a rather serious slip and fall accident almost a year ago. While I was pretty badly injured I managed not to break any bones

    Because my accident was a slip and fall as opposed to a car accident and because I sustained no broken bones

    (I landed in a full “splits” position)

    I could not find an attorney who was willing to take my case until I found Nonye Ugorji. She is a very compassionate Christian woman. I had tried ALL the personal injury attorneys who advertise on TV none of them were interested in my case.

    Nonye was able to obtain a reasonable settlement for me.

    I would recommend Nonye in a heartbeat.

    Here is her contact information

    Nonye Ugorji
    Law corporation
    2775 Cottage Way, Suite 36
    Sacramento, CA 95825
    Tel (916) 925-1894
    Fax (916) 925-8893

    Thank you for your time,
    Dauna Kammerer

  2. Nonye is dependable and responds quickly. She follows through and can be trusted to help with legal matters. I would definitely recommend her. It is evident that she is a hard-working professional.

  3. Nonye Ugorji is professional, hands on with updating her client thorughout the process, and fights for your best interest. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an attentive, reasonably priced, and professional representation.

    I don’t post many reviews but when i do, it means I was extremely satisfied with my services or extremely disappointed with the customer service.

    However, what I can attest to in my experiences with Nonye Ugorji Law Offices is that she is very professional and knowledgeable as well as her staff.

  4. Nonye is great. In the dark world of shady attorneys it’s nice to work with someone who has passion, compassion and the desire to truly help people with their problems. I am happy to recommend Nonye to anyone searching for an attorney.

  5. I’m so thankful that Attorney Nonye Ugorji took my case. I was declined by other attorneys. When I met with her I was struck by her calm demeanor. She is both professional and knowledgeable. I was able to turn everything over to her and she took care of it. When I received a settlement offer, she didn’t pressure me to take it. I can honestly say she is a person of integrity which is very important to me. I was thankful to have her as my attorney.

  6. Everyone in this office are working towards same goal. I am was very satisfied with the positive fast responses and the end results of my cases that I got from Ugorji Law Office.
    This is the 3rd time I have used their law firm and will recommend Ugorji Law Office to anyone.

  7. Attorney Nonye was a great person to work with.
    I almost filed bankruptcy because of my house but Nonye helped me to apply for loan modification to avoid filing bankruptcy and foreclosure.
    With all her help, I got approved for loan modification.
    Great, great!!!
    I now have my house back and no more bankruptcy.
    Thank you, Nonye!!!

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